The UC Exchange Program allows undergraduate and master's degree students from Universidad Católica to take one or two semesters of non-degree studies in a foreign university that is under agreement with UC, while maintaining their regular student status.

During the exchange, students continue to pay their tuition at UC and are released from paying tuition at the host university. During the exchange abroad, students retain their socio-economic benefits to fund their studies at UC, if they have any. Each student is responsible for all costs associated with their exchange (airfare, visa, health insurance, lodging, food, etc.), but there are a variety of scholarships for which they can apply.

College UC is a program that, in line with its own interdisciplinary essence, prepares its students to interact with the international model of education and, therefore, encourages student mobility both within Chile and abroad. Its model of higher education facilitates international recognition of studies, making exchange stays and continuation to graduate programs abroad more accessible.

College also has a dual degree program with the Institut d'études politiques de Paris, Sciences Po (France). This is a dual degree agreement for our students, which gives them the possibility of obtaining the corresponding College degree after one year at the Euro-Latin American campus in the city of Poitiers, and the Sciences Po diploma, which is recognized as a two-year Master's Degree at the Paris campus.


Intercambio AAyHH Yasna Cabrera

“I can describe my exchange experience in the UK in three words: Learning, Growth and Self-confidence. Acquiring these three elements through the exchange helped me to have the courage to do my master’s degree at the British University of Birmingham in 2018-2019.
To the students who are thinking about doing an academic exchange, I say go for it. Plan your experience, look for information about the location, and save money!”

Yasna Cabrera

Bachelor of Arts and Humanities
University Of Manchester, United Kingdom
Intercambio CCNNyMM Renate Reisenegger

“This exchange semester has been, in my opinion, the best of my degree program. I really enjoyed getting to know the reality of another country and it has helped me to have another opinion about education in Chile and what I want to do in the future. The best has been to meet students from different parts of the world who are in the same situation as me and to establish important friendships, which have led me to have an amazing time.”

Renate Reisenehgger

Bachelor of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg, Germany
Intercambio CCSS Jose Ignacio Torrealba

“Having found a community that encompassed all the aspects I was looking for made the exchange experience much kinder and significant.
Going on an exchange and leaving your “normal” life will only lead you to have a better perspective of yourself and the world.”

José Ignacio Torrealba

Bachelor of Social Sciences
University Of Texas at Austin, McCombs School Of Business, United States
Intercambio CCSS Gianni Anelli Spo

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” This is the best way to express what the exchange means, because of everything you experience and grow. Being able to venture out into the world is something that changes your life from the moment you get on the plane, and I personally believe it is one of the best experiences you can decide to do while in Uni. The opportunity to open yourself to the world, allows you to learn and live realities that can only be provided by these types of experiences.”

Gianni Anelli

Bachelor of Social Sciences
Institut D'Etudes Politiques de Paris, Sciences Po, France
Intercambio CCNNyMM Felipe Gonzalez

“I thought of Spain because today it is one of the leading countries for Hispanic America in multidisciplinary education in science, and specifically of Barcelona, because together with Madrid, they are the most important academic and research capitals of this country. It allowed me to bolster my desire to continue building an interdisciplinary career, and on the other hand, what I wanted to do with my life: follow an academic career, generate changes and explain things to people in easy-to-understand language, as is done in scientific dissemination.”

Felipe González

Universidad Autónoma De Barcelona, Spain
Intercambio CCSS Nicole Marguirott

“The exchange was a decision that took me a year of planning and hard work. I focused all of my energy on it, and that’s how my biggest dream came true. I grew a lot in Ireland, my horizons and ideas opened up, and today I feel much more capable of facing any challenge. I dare you to take a chance, because, although it may sound difficult or a “luxury,” it is not impossible, but a life gain.”

Nicole Marguirott

Bachelor of Social Sciences
University College Dublin, Ireland