Majors, Minors, Transfers & Professional Qualifications

College offers 70 majors, 112 minors and 38 plans for the continuation of studies leading to professional qualifications, which can be taken from the different bachelor's degrees.

Students who pursue a major will be able to specialize in a particular area, while those who choose a minor can deepen or complement their professional profile according to the specialty that best suits their interests. This means students have the freedom to explore and design their own study path. In addition, the bachelor’s degree enables them to apply directly to graduate programs in Chile and abroad, as well as to obtain a UC Professional Qualification through study continuation plans.

Students may also take a two-year program that allows them to transfer to the curriculum of one of the 40 degree programs offered by the University.

Below are all the curricular alternatives offered by College. You may use the search engine to filter the options and find the programs that are of interest to you:


M = Major
m = Minor
TP = Professional Qualification
T = Trasfer


Type of Concentration

Bachelor's Degree

Academic Division