Words from the Director

I would like to cordially welcome you to College, a pioneer multidisciplinary undergraduate program in Chile and Latin America.

Through our Bachelor’s Degrees in Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences, and Natural Sciences and Mathematics, our education forms well-rounded people, graduates and professionals who are innovative, motivated, and competent in their different areas of development, capable of developing in a complex, global, multidisciplinary, digital, and rapidly evolving world.

As a society we face great challenges such as climate change, social crisis, emergence of new diseases and pandemics, natural disasters, energy efficiency, clean production, aging of the population, obesity, mental health, growth with equity, inclusion, citizen participation, growth of cities, quality of life, digitalization of education, processes, and services, which require complex solutions that must be solved in a comprehensive and interdisciplinary manner.

Through a flexible curriculum, our students design their own formative trajectories, which allow them to contribute from different multi- and interdisciplinary perspectives to solve the national issues and society’s problems. College allows students to combine majors and minors, and even pursue some programs that lead to professional qualifications or graduate studies. This variety of paths and graduation profiles allows them to interact fluidly between disciplines, as well as to integrate different areas of knowledge, and points of view.

Our focus is on the students, whom we assist and support in the design of their curricular trajectories to achieve their academic and professional goals, transitioning to professional qualifications, graduate studies, or the work world. This is achieved with the help of a great professional team and in collaboration with the highest quality teachers of all the faculties of the university.

Welcome to College UC.

Loreto Valenzuela Roediger
College UC